Friday, October 23, 2009

A Lovely Weekend

Hello everyone! Hope a good week has been had by all? It's been an up and down week for me if I'm honest. I did go and see Up yesterday which was the most wonderful film- I would recommend watching it if you haven't done so already. Little warning though- have some tissues on standby! Unfortunately my day didn't continue to go well as we were woken up at 3.30 this morning by the police to say that someone had smashed my rear windscreen! They had also done the same to another car. How gutted am I? VERY! So as expected I've been a little sulky today and if that wasn't enough- you'll laugh at this- I just arranged delivery of an order and managed to address it to myself instead of the client! I'm blaming lack of sleep for that one- I had to laugh though!

Anyway, let's move on as I haven't shown you any photos of my weekend in Bath! Actually I didn't manage to take that many pictures of Bath itself, (distracted by too many lovely shops!), but here's a couple.

Then on Sunday we went volunteer dog walking! A first for me but it was such good fun. I really wanted to walk a Daschund or a Husky, but didn't think there would be either at the rescue centre, so I was delighted when they told us we would be walking a Husky called Kashka and wow, what a beautiful dog! I REALLY had to control myself as my heart went out to her, I would have adopted her there and then as she had such a lovely temperament but alas I knew the bunnies wouldn't have approved! Here's some photos of her and us:)

Isn't she just gorgeous?

Lastly I thought I would leave you with a smiley design- here's a piece I designed for International Greetings

Have a great weekend everyone!


Dotty said...

wow what a beautiful dog you showed great restraint in not bringing her home ! sorry i havent got back to you about order twitter wont let me send you a direct message for some reason -very frustrating - x

jacqueline said...

WOW gorgeous photos and i too adore that lovely dog! Thanks for sharing your weekend at bath with us! I also adore your smiley's soo cute and it did make me smile! Hope you're having a good weekend and love to yoU!

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Hope you didn't spend too much money in the shops.

Gorgeous dog, bet you had a loveley walk. Always hard to leave empty handed though. I con't go near rescue centres, I always come out with something.

I love the happy design, it is as you say, HAPPY.

Thanks so much for the comment you left me. Overall Bilbo is doing quite well.

Luv Dee xxx

elisa said...

So sorry about your car =( but I'm glad you were able to walk such a beautiful husky!
I have to visit Bath next time I go to Englad. Such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Cookie Cutter said...

Yes, Up was good! I enjoyed it very much. Looks like a really nice trip you had. The images are beautiful!

Lorna said...

I love Bath, must be about ten years since I was last there - did my MA there, fab city