Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Giveaway Day!

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend? Phil and I went to Spitalfields Market in London on Sunday and it was so inspiring- there were so many very talented crafters there. We also ate at Leon a really funky restaurant and my mouth was watering at everything on the menu which is very unusual for me! (I'm a little fussy!)

Before I get onto the Giveaway I wanted to let you know that the very talented Marisa from Creative Thursday has announced  that she will be teaching a new e-course. So if you would like to be the first to know more you can click here to sign up.

Also I wanted to share a little photo with you, which was left on my feedback page, at my Etsy shop by Alex who bought one of my paintings for his son. What a joy it was to read such wonderful feedback and also to see where my painting has landed thousands of miles away from where it was created! It truly made my day so thank you for sharing this Alex! :)

So it's Giveaway time! This month I think I'm going to let whoever wins pick a signed print from my shop. As many of you know I'll soon be opening another online shop so to enter you can either just say hi or it would be great if you could let me know what you would like to see more of in my new shop so I can come up with some new, fresh designs/things to add to it! I'll announce the winner on Tuesday 1oth. Good luck everyone!

Lastly I thought I would leave you with some "cuteness"!  I designed these little characters to go on a gift wrap or gift bag. 

Bye Bye for now :)


Country Cottage Chic said...

I like the little horse painting very much, so more horses please!


dottydaisies said...

before i read the first comment i had already though horses as i have a horse mad little girl and your illustrations are so pretty - it would be nice to have horse and pretty combined as many horse things are not my taste if i am honest a little naff!failing that pirates please for my little G

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Hi Em,

Am I allowed to say more bunnies? Yes, even more!!

I really love the hand drawn one on the personalised card, so more hand drawn bunnies would be super :-)

Charlotte & Humphrey

jacqueline said...

I always adore your little cutess! :) It's it such fun to see where our art work goes to...it's so inspiring and heartwarming to see your art in others peepz life. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you always!

Shanny said...

I must say-- more bunnies! They are so darling and cute.

I also liked the personalized mixed media piece you had made (accidentally with the glittery mod podge). Maybe something like that?

A Card 4 U said...

Ohh that's a hard one as all your creations are so cute. Bunnies, cats, dogs & an owl.:-))
Look forward to seeing your new shop.
Julie x

madmummy said...

Hi Emma! I love all your work (as you know)!!!
Have finally got around to posting on my blog about Liliana's wonderful picture by you, feel free to use the photo if you like x She loves it, it is on the wall above her bed and I often catch her sitting there looking at it!
xxx Steph

linda said...

Your designs are so super adorable...makes me wanna hug someone! :P Oh and feedback is fantastic...I'm excited to see your new shop!

Lorna said...

Love all your pics so hard to think of something I'd like more of. I love the fox ones so more of wild/farm animals??

Many congrats on your new shop, send me the link when it is up and running and I'll link it on my website :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh another sweetie givaway by you. You do know how to treat us. I too love the horse painting, but then I love all of your work.

Luv Dee xxx

Tillyboo said...

I looooooooove Horses, please include me. My little Boo has just recently ha her first riding lesson, she's only 5 and did brilliantly ! I've started riding again after 20 yrs, so the gee gee's feature quite highly at the moment x

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Alex Mason said...

hi love your blog...i definately have a soft spot for bunnies :)


Anna said...

ahh i like that little painting em!
hope you had a lovely weekend :) cute little characters too

Holly said...

My little girl loves horses so more of those. Also I love your Blossom birds art print so more of those would be lovely. To be honest, with another baby on the way any of your work would be ideal for the nursery and give us inspiration for decor!

louisa said...

Major cuteness with the new faces!!!!!
So... I guess I vote for more of everything since all that you do is so special! Louisa