Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our holiday

Hello all
Apologies for not blogging at the end of last week, I've been freelancing in a design studio and so lost a lot of hours!
I thought I'd show you some holiday snaps today and I also mentioned in the last post that I had some exciting news to tell you................... well....................I'm engaged!!! Phil very romantically proposed in Barbara Hepworth's garden in St.Ives whilst we were away and I of course said yes! Woooo hooooooo! We've not set a date yet but I've chosen a ring! I took lots and lots of photos whilst I was in Hepworth's garden so I could remember the moment well and I'll show you them in the next post- I think if I load them all onto todays post it may end up crashing someone's computer! lol!
So we started our adventure in Brighton where we went to see the comedian Michael McIntyre who was hilarious- I was nearly crying at one point- no lie! The next day we headed for Dartmouth, a very pretty little town surrounded by beautiful bays. Whilst in Dartmouth I managed to see some paintings of one of my favourite artists- Elaine Pamphilon. I've never seen any of her work in the flesh before so it made my day :)
I couldn't resist uploading some of her work for you to see:

Exploring around Dartmouth
A beautiful bay in Dartmouth

We stayed in Dartmouth for a couple of nights and then headed to one of my favourite places in Cornwall, the stunning little town of Padstow. We ate cupcakes, had Rick Steins famous fish and chips and visited lots of the lovely art galleries around the town.

I think I'll stop there today but I hope you liked the photos and I'll be back soon with "Our Holiday" part two!
Ta ta for now :)


Lorna said...

Lovely pics, reminds me of a fab hol we had about 9 years ago near Padstow. And many congratulations :)

Shanny said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you!

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Oh congratulations to you both, how exciting.

It's lovely to hear some good news for a change. I'm delighted for you.

Luv Dee xxx

A Card 4 U said...

Congratulations to you both.
I used to live in Cornwall & Padstock is lovely as is Dartmouth. Looks like you had a lovely time. :)

linda said...

CONGRATS! Ooo my, so happy for you! Sounds like a great time through your description and pictures...how exciting. Woohoo!

Alex Mason said...

Congratulations!! Love your photos xx

madmummy said...

Wow, BIG congratulations, how exciting and lovely to see happy news on such a soggy day ;0)
xxx Steph

Dyan said...

Congratulations!I love weddings and wish you both lots of happy joy on your new adventure. The pictures are beautiful - I want to be by the beach now!

jacqueline said...

Yipee and hooray!! Congratz sweet emma!! I am sooo heppy for you and Phil! These are gorgeous gorgeous photos! Such a meaningful and wonderful holiday! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

It looks like such a lovely holiday Emma - just my cup of tea.

And huge, huge congratulations!!!!

Hope Millie is okay.

Love Charlotte (and Humphrey)

Amy C said...

What a lovely post - I love Padstow

Amy C said...

............and of course CONGRATULATIONS, Barbara Hepworth museum is such a beautiful memorable spot, I have been there many times, I love that place.

elisa said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you =)
It looks like you had a lovely visit. And your new pieces look beautiful. Cheers.

Cookie Cutter said...

I am so late but I want to say CONGRATS!!

jacqueline said...

Merry christmas and i hope it was bright and merry for you! Love to you!

noelle said...

A Belated congratulations and how romantic to do it here in St. Ives! I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year to you both! x x

handmade charlotte said...

That yellow boat is just perfect!