Friday, January 22, 2010

Top Drawer Spring 2010

Hello! I'm back! Just needed a few days to do lots of tidying and sorting after the mania of getting ready for Top Drawer- honestly my house was unrecognizable! And when it gets that messy I can't concentrate on anything else until its tidy again.

I had a great time exhibiting at TD, as some of you already know it is my favourite trade fair and one that I've never done before, so I feel like I have successfully fulfilled a long standing ambition of mine :) I met some lovely, lovely exhibitors, had a real giggle and met some potentially great clients too. And I cannot forget to mention the lovely Twitter ladies who came to visit me at my stand it was so, so great to meet them all:

Karen from Blueberry Park,
Gabriella from Moo Baa Cluck,
Melonie from Melandersondes,
Jane from Snapdragon Jane
Ali from Milly And Pip.
Becky from Dots & Spots

These ladies have fabulous shops online if you fancy treating yourself to a spot of online shopping!

I also had a visit from one of my most favourite artists Janet Bell, I'm embarrassed to say that I was rather star struck and couldn't believe she had come to say hi! I think I nervously rabbited on at her and her husband a bit too much! (Sorry Janet!) You must visit her website as she has the most gorgeous items for sale, Janet's shop sells other artists work as well as her own. Meeting her in person confirmed that she is indeed the lovely lady I thought she was- it was great to meet you Janet!

Fish for Supper by Janet Bell

Smeatons Pier by Janet Bell

I have quite a few orders to complete so will be fairly busy over the next few weeks but I'm hoping to have some new personalised valentines designs in my shop soon, so will keep you posted.

I thought I'd leave you today with a list of some of my favorite artists at this years TD. Enjoy!


linda said...

Wow, thanks for sharing all the inspiring! So glad you had a great time exhibiting and keeping busy. Have a great weekend! :P

Charlotte said...

Hi Emma,

So sorry I didn't make it down in the end... I'm glad you had a lovely time... It is a really nice trade fair isn't it, I do usually go. And I OUGHT to have visited Maileg - prob go to their farmyard warehouse instead maybe. Part of me likes to stick to ordering from online catalogues though as this is how I have to portray things to my customers - does that make sense?

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

A Beautiful Bright post. Janet's work is Lovely.
Hope You are having a good weekend xxx


Alexandra said...

Glad the trade fair went well :) hope you are having a great week xx