Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sanna Annukka

Hello all! Hope everyone is well and having a good week? Thank you to all my new followers, it's great to meet you! And I just noticed that I only need three more blog followers to have the Giveaway that I promised. Perhaps it'll be a Christmas Giveaway? :)

Whilst out on one of my walks with Bubba a week ago I bought myself another Sanna Annukka tin. I just love her designs! I bought this one which you can currently buy at Marks & Spencers :)

This is the one I bought last year which I also adore (is it possible to adore a tin? Well if it is I certainly do!! ;) )


Isa Maria said...

I have last year's one too and plan to get this one. Her designs are amazing. Love the Scandinavian look.

jacqueline said...

WOW her work is truely gorgeous and i love your tin so much!! I want one too. :) Will have to check out the Marks & Spencer here! Love to you!

Mark said...

We've got both of them too! Love the designs, and the biscuits aren't too bad either!