Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I wish I could be a sleepy bunny.....

Gosh it's been a while since I last posted! And I've missed it- and my design work too. It's all been a bit manic my end- with highs and lows. We've had a leak under our kitchen floor :( and as a result our kitchen now resembles a mud hut and on top of that we may have to move out for three weeks for the kitchen to be restored to its former glory. This makes me sad :( because moving out means moving away from the area, making it much more difficult to take Evie to her play groups etc- something I don't really want her to miss out on.

But don't despair as we've had some fun too! We've visited friends in Sheffield, we started baby swimming which was brilliant fun and Evie loved it- she even went under water! We went to Whipsnade for my Birthday, unfortunately we forgot how cold it is when you get up there as its high up in the chilterns and at 3 degrees it felt very chilly indeed so we were a bit wussy and mainly drove around the park in the warmth of the car!

At Baby Swimming!

I've been designing for friends- Christening cards, Wedding Save The Dates and Wedding invites. Desperately need to start my own wedding invitations but at least I've managed to send out our own Save The Dates- I'll show you them in the next post. I've also been frantically trying to get some bits for the wedding organised, cakes, flowers, table decorations. Time is ticking and I haven't even been out to look for a dress!

Anyway with all this busyness I have felt absolutely shattered this week (fingers crossed I'm not coming down with something) I've been going to bed at 9pm and during the day when I pass my two house bunnies who seem to be forever snuggling and snoozing together, I've so wished I could just lie down next to them and have a snooze too! Sigh..........

But no rest for the wicked as they say as I can hear Evie calling me now for her milk so I best dash but I promise from now on I will at least blog once a week! For those of you still visiting me here thanks for being so patient and see you soon :)


Natasha said...

Oh that sounds like a bad leak! I used to have a Whipsnade pass and spent many happy hours there. There is a really naughty camel who always stops the cars getting past! Look forward to seeing you work soon. xx

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Oh just look at those bunnies... They have the life don't they. The number of times in the day I look at Humphrey and wish we could swap places for a while.....!

janet said...

Hello, Hello!

Not sure how you fell off my blog radar, but I am happy to have found you again. Love the pics of the camels and Evie is adorable.

Do be sure to take care of yourself.

Hugs to your little girl and have a lovely day

Janet xox

polkadotsandblooms said...

Hope all goes well with the renovations! Seems to be a stressful time for you. I am sure Evie will be fine missing her playgroups :-)

Good luck with your wedding preps. Try to enjoy it as much as you can. The day itself is over the quickly and it is the whole experience that counts. Have you tried etsy for wedding stuff - lots of it is from the states but there are just some wonderful items to be discovered!

All the best xx

Lorna said...

Evie is an absolutely beautiful baby and I hope you get your kitchen sorted soon. I know the feeling re wishing you could snuggle up and sleep for a while! Bunnies do have the life don't they?