Saturday, April 16, 2011


We have internet connection, we don't have connection, we have internet connection, we don't have connection. That's pretty much been the story my end and why I haven't been able to blog recently. Sooooooooo frustrating! Plus when I have managed to connect it's been nearly impossible to upload any images, I only managed to get this one uploaded after numerous attempts :(

So what's been happening my end then? Well finally our kitchen is nearly up and running again, I've been sketching some new ideas I have for paintings, nearly found my wedding dress, nearly sorted out the hen do, cake, flowers and table decorations- phew! Been busy, busy busy!

Sorry this is such a sort post but I wanted to give you a quick update before I lose connection again!

I'll leave you with this pic I took one beautiful evening whilst out on a walk with Bubba recently :) we've had some amazing weather for this time of year for the UK, feels like summer!

Hope to be back really soon

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