Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Summers Walk

It's been a while hasn't it :( & I can only apologise for the promise I made not so long ago that I would blog at least once a week! Tut, tut! It would appear that looking after an 11 month old, planning a wedding and freelancing is leaving me with no free time at all. And it feels like the only time I get to relax is out on my walks with Evie where I really make an effort to come out of my head so to speak, forget about work/wedding business, breath deeply & pay attention to the beautiful surroundings.

I've also been doing quite a bit of soul searching lately as I've been feeling disappointed with myself for not accomplishing the amount I want to during the day. I've been comparing myself to other mum bloggers, those in a similar position to me and I find myself reading their posts & thinking how on earth do they get so much work done in a day when I can't? I physically can't get any more squeezed into my day unless I get some more help or I don't sleep- so how on earth are these other people doing it? Then I realised I had already answered my question. Sleep less or get help- its that simple! I regularly end up going to bed at 12 or 1am just to keep on top of things so surely other people must be facing the same issues? I think they are but they are just not blogging about it. So I've decided that I will blog about it. After a little researching I found that there are Mummys out there struggling to maintain a balance between being a mother & running a business. I have also just finished a business e-course with Creative Thursday & I got to read about other mum's experiences on this topic & it confirmed my suspicions that I was being too hard on myself. This in turn has inspired me to do a series of "day in the life of" posts whenever I can on a Monday- Mummy Monday :). I have found these sort of posts comforting and inspiring in the past where I get to glimpse into other people's daily lives and see what a typical day looks like for them. The first post will be this Monday & if anyone would like to participate it would be great to hear from you!

I also have some new work to show you- a new card range I've been working on so I'll be posting again soon. Hope everyone's having a good week & thank you so much for bearing with me, I appreciate it :)


Natasha said...

Oh bloggers so candy coat the truth! Don't feel bad, I didn't do anything until my youngest was 3, I just sat in a corner weeping! xx

BondGirl said...

you often find that a lot of these bloggers do have help they just dont mention it. I am better now as mine are at school for at least a few hours but before I ended up half killing myself waiting till they were in bed to start working then having to go til stupid o clock in the morning, for a few hours sleep and start over.

dont be so hard on yourself

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you, at last someone out there in blogging land has admitted that as well as being wonderful, being a mum and trying to get anything else such as work done is very hard work and most of the time the work bit doesn't happen. I'm an illustrator and mum to a beautiful lively 7 month old and should ban myself from reading blogs as they make me feel very inadequate even though I know blogs are just snippets of peoples lives. Thanks for your honesty.

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hello anonymous.
I'm so pleased you appreciated my post :)
Time to stop being hard on ourselves & to start patting ourselves on the back instead I think :)