Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting to Know Ed

I found this video about Ed Emberley today via The Picture Book Junkies blog & it was such a good watch I recommend anyone interested in illustration to take a look. I found a lot of what he said very comforting & inspiring, particularly when he mentions that he loves to experiment with different mediums & different styles. It makes him happy when he is challenged & he likes the fact that when he has illustrated different books they actually look like different artists have created them. This really speaks to me because I always feel as though I should be trying to focus on one style to build up my brand but it's just not what makes me happy. I too like to experiment & try different styles as it makes me feel inspired.

I'll leave you with a great quote Ed says when he discusses his audience...

"...if I try to speak to everybody, I speak to nobody..."

click play to hear more :)

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Cameron said...

That was thoroughly enjoyable!! I was engrossed and mesmerized! Thank you for the introduction!

Little Brown Rabbit said...

It is a good watch isn't it! Glad you enjoyed it as much as me :)