Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby's Birthday

I've designed a new Birthday card for little ones (and the young at heart like me! ;) ) Each card is personalised and embellished with a raised name panel and a touch of sparkle. Now available in my shop or click here for more information. Don't you just want to give these little bunnies a cuddle? They have a rather pensive look about them don't they, which I adore.

I also wanted to share this video with you. Legendary British film director Sir Ridley Scott launched a global film-making contest for aspiring directors. It's titled 'Tell It Your Way". The film could be no longer than three minutes, contain only 6 lines of narrative and be a compelling story. There were over 600 entries. The winner was 'Porcelain Unicorn' from American director Keegan Wilcox.

It brought me to tears in 3mins. Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I love the bunny cards. And thank you so much for sharing this amazing video. I cried like a baby. So beautiful!!

thuu said...

I cried too(T_T).
War is tears itself.
Peace may be something like a unicorn.
And your cards too(^^).