Thursday, April 11, 2013

Folk Pattern

Hello all, is the sun shining where you are? We are finally seeing some sun here in the UK & it's making me feel soooo much better in everyway.

Things have been very busy over the last couple of weeks- the usual- deadlines, being a Mummy, keeping (or trying to keep) house work under control! My little rabbit George had to be taken to the vet in the fear he had Snuffles (sounds cute but its deadly :( ), thankfully our vet doesn't think he has it but it was still an added strain that's still worrying me a bit. Piggy (affectionately known as, you'll hear why in a mo.) George's new girlfriend whom we adopted from a rescue center, is settling in very well. She's on a diet- let me tell you- I have never seen such a huge double chin on a bunny before! Her previous owners apparently fed her digestive biscuits & cooled down tea would you believe! She's already lost a lot of weight & can now clean herself properly again & run around & enjoy herself without getting out of breath in the first few minutes. Good news!

Here's a little pic of them having a cuddle. Awe! Sigh...........

And here's a snippet of a wrap I designed last year, I'm in love with the colours on this and it just made me my heart sing when I was designing it.

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

Gorgeous bunnies, I know from keeping them myself in the past what a worry it can be with health issues .
New wrap is beautiful, I love that shade. :)
V xxx