Friday, June 6, 2014

Being brave with my painting

Hello. Hope you are having a good week? I'm excited to say that we are going on holiday very soon, so I've been trying to tie up any outstanding work before we go, which is why you've been hearing crickets here at my blog!

I have managed to squeeze in a bit more painting though. I'm being brave and painting girls again. I think I am definitely growing in confidence with each painting.

And here's a lion. I'm showing the painting as it progressed.

What art supplies didn't I use on these two paintings! ;) I think I pretty much used everything I have! 
Paper/envelopes/scrap booking paper/letters/magasines
Tissue paper
Paint/Paint Pens
Gels Pens & Ink pens
Golden Gel Matte medium

I'll be back blogging again as soon as I'm back from my hols. (thats's if I can resist posting whilst I'm away, as I may sneak my watercolours & art journal into my suitcase ;) )

Bye Bye for now, I'm leaving on a jet plane..............

P. S In case you missed it, I posted a lovely interview with artist Juliette Crane last week. Click here to read it. Enjoy!

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