Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let It Snow!

My word did it snow last night- so much so that we couldn't even drive our cars out of our street today- we were literally snowed in! Hence why I'm showing you some of my wintery designs. Very luckily for me a group of local lads (armed with shovels- inc. my Phil) went out and cleared the road so we could get our cars out. This turned out to be a godsend because one of my little rabbits, Millie, fell ill so I had to take her to the vets. We think she's got GI Stasis- a common tummy problem in rabbits- especially when they are moulting- which she is. She's had her medicine now and already seems much more perky and she's also eating again so fingers crossed she'll be back to her normal self in no time. I'm off now to give her a cuddle.


Race said...

These are the cutest things!!!

I hope your rabbit is better soon! My horse recently had colic so I know how terrifying these things can be.

Jacqueline said...

Those winter designs are really cute! I do hope your little rabbit, Millie, is feeling much better now. Sending her a little cuddle from here! Have a lovely merry day!