Friday, August 21, 2009

For all the bug lovers out there!

It's Friday everyone! Can you believe it? I can't- I'm sure it was Monday yesterday! I've been desperately trying to stay on track this week with my work schedule so time has flown by & unfortunately I've not had much time for blogging :( Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on my previous post :) I really want to find myself a funky pair of wellies now for winter!

Have I ever mentioned before that I live in an old Victorian house? I don't think I have? I always dreamed of living in an old property with lots of character so the day we signed on the dotted line I couldn't believe that the house I used to drive by & look longingly at with the blue door & big bay windows was now actually ours. Two years later & I still have to pinch myself when I walk up to the door! :D Anyway with all this old character & charm comes something that not everyone would happy about..........bugs! Honestly I have spotted bugs in this house that I don't even recognise- I'm sure some of you may be shuddering at this point but I find it quite fun & try and work out what they are! lol! This was part of my inspiration for the design I'm going to show you today. As I read up on different types of bugs I realised that most of them & their antics are really very interesting- even charming in some cases. Bugs? Charming? How can the two possibly go together? So I became hooked & decided to design a range of cards called Boyz Like Bugz.
I hope you like the design, it is very different from my usual work but it was incredibly fun to do. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


janet said...

I hate bugs..but I love your cards!

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Ooo I love this design, just how you made a yucky bug look nice is beyond me. I can't stand spiders or beatles, unless there ladybirds of course!

Lorna said...

Wow, that's different - great cards for boys birthdays

jacqueline said...

Emma, your house must be really beautiful..i love old victorian houses. :) Isnt there some kinda way you could make the bugs stay away? I am not a huge fan of bugs either but my dad's house is full of them. So we had to hire some kinda bug-man to come take care of situations and to keep them away. :)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and lots of love to you!

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hi Jacqueline
Don't worry we only have a few! But sometimes quite unusual ones that you wouldn't expect- like beetles!

anna said...

ahh em the bugs are fab....and i must admit i love bugs i find them very interesting must be something to do with growing up in the countryside? i used to collect ladybirds in my lunchbox when i was small....when it was empty i must add.

woolies said...

I've gotten more used to bugs, since we live in the southwest US - lots of creepy crawlies out here.
I've grown to like tarantulas, but don't tell anyone.

Cathy Nichols Art said...

This is so cool, Emma! Bugs do need a little extra love in our world (okay, not when they are crawling across the kitchen floor, but out in the "wilds" of the backyard") :).