Friday, September 4, 2009

One Bunny & a Hot Air Balloon!

Where has this week gone? (I think I say that every week) but I could have of sworn it was still Tuesday! And it's getting colder here in the UK- it feels autumnal already, the bunnies were being blown around the garden today!

I thought I would leave you this Friday with a commissioned piece I designed for a baby boy called Elliott. I had such fun doing this piece until the end when I realised the Mod Podge I was using had glitter bits in it- I read and re read the label but the words Mod Podge Matte were definitely staring back at me. After emailing the company they said I must have bought a faulty pot! Initially I was gutted, however the sparkly bits were few and far between and I realised that actually it looked quite sweet (Elliott's not even one yet so I'm sure he would quite like the sparkly bits!) So I checked with the buyer but she was happy for me to continue and voila it was finished- complete with a bit of sparkle! :)

I hope you like it. I've just list it as a customised art print in my shop, you can have any wording you would like on there or none at all- it's up to you :)

Have a great weekend everyone!  Oh and there's still time if you want to enter my Giveaway!


elisa said...

So cute. I love the little ear folded over. I'm sure little Elliot will love the piece.

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Ooo, sparkle or no sparkle, it's every bit as beautiful as I expected it to be. Don't you just love happy endings.

Luv Dee xxx

jacqueline said...

This is sooo cute...what a lovely beautiful commissioned piece! I love everything about it and im sure little Elliott too! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Anna said...

ahh Ems, he's a right cutie and I'm sure Elliot will love it too!!