Friday, September 25, 2009

We went to a wedding!

Hello all! We went to a wedding up north last weekend and it was such a lovely day (if not a little nerve racking as Phil had to do a speech!). It was at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park an amazing venue so I thought I would share some photos with you today- sorry there aren't very many! If you're ever taking a trip up to the area I highly recommend a visit.
Phil's speech went really well, everyone laughed at the right places- phew! We ate way, way to much and then danced the night away! A fab time was had by all :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! See you all next week.


Blueberry Park said...

We LOVE the YSP - it's our local outdoor venue and drag all our out-of-town visitors! What a wonderful choice of venue for a wedding. Weather was nice for you too.

I packed off 3 big H&G orders today - last 3 small ones to go...then chase up all those promises!

Have a great weekend x

jacqueline said...

That place looks gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! So happy you and phil had fun! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Anna said...

oo not been there. looks cool Ems! Hope you had a good weekend.xx

Diane said...

Hi YSP is on my doorstep and so I am a "regular". It is a really lovely place - I didnt know that they did weddings though!! Love your blog.

Cookie Cutter said...

Looks like a beautiful place. Lovely greenery and sculptures!