Thursday, November 17, 2011


Good day people! As mentioned in a an earlier post I'd like you to meet little Cara.

Cara is a Thingamajig.
Thingamajigs are born into this world for a wonderful reason- to bring friendship, happiness, smiles and laughter. They are created through someone’s imagination, but not very easily............................ you have to wish for one! And if you are lucky enough to bring a Thingamajig to life you will have a friend forever as they are such loyal and happy creatures and the best thing is if you try really hard you can wish them up for your friends too!

Cara was born on 20th September 2010. She's drawn to anything pretty and her favourite food is bread and jam. Her favourite pastime is going for walks outside and she loves looking out of windows & watching the world go by.

Cara comes with her own name card showing the details above. If you would like to buy her as a gift for someone let me know the name of the person you are buying her for and I'll add it to the card with a little message.

Although Cara was made with great care she is NOT a toy for children- she loves gentle cuddles but can't take too much of the rough stuff!

Cara's height is 250mm or approx. 9.5" (inc. her ears)
Her width is 115mm or approx. 4.5" (not inc. arms)

Thanks so much for reading :)

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thuu said...

How cute(^^).
I always look forward to your updates.
Is this same seed?