Monday, November 21, 2011

Mummy Monday with Cupcakes For Clara

Hello all! Did you have a good weekend? I had a great weekend but the little one is currently teething which = a lot less sleep so I am really feeling pretty sleepy this afternoon. But one must push on because its Mummy Monday! Hooray! I met this lovely & super talented Mummy in the land of the Tweets. Her name is Laura and she is the creator of Cupcakes For Clara. Laura is (as you'll read) a very busy mother of two & is seriously dedicated to her work- sometimes working the whole night if she has too- yes you read correctly! No sleep whatsoever!!! As you'll see in the photos she has many strings to her bow- not only is she a talented illustrator but she also designs in felt, makes softies & paper craft & has had a book published. Take a look at her Christmas goodies here! This is a great read & really made me giggle as I could relate to so much of what she wrote. (Laura, even as I write this I've had to stop Evie from trying to climb into the bin several times!) Read on & enjoy........

A Day In The Life Of Cupcakes For Clara

At Some point in the early hours of the morning..........
My 14 month old wakes up for cuddles & sometimes milk (he was 10 weeks early so is really like a 12 month old), he usually wakes his 3 year old sister up as they share a room, which is just great!
6.30-7.30am- My husband gets up with the kids whilst I sleep in (yeay!)

7.30-8.30am- We’re all up & getting ready for work/nursery/toddler group/music class. If it’s a Weds or a Fri, both kids are in nursery until 5.30pm so I get to work all day – luxury!! If not, it goes something like this…8.30-9.30am- Tom has gone to work, and I scramble around getting second breakfasts, re-putting shoes on wriggly feet, changing nappies, bundling one into the pram whilst the other probably takes her coat off again, more snacks, and checking my emails.
9.30-12.00pm- Toddler group or music classes. I always optimistically think that I might be able to reply to emails whilst I’m there, but it usually ends up with me getting play dough on my top, or trying to stop Theo from crawling into the bin!
12.00-1.30pm- Heading home & having lunch. Whilst they eat lunch & watch cbeebies (naughty me), I attempt those emails or maybe writing a blog post.
1.30-3.00pm ish- Theo goes for a nap. This has recently changed from two naps a day to one, so we’re still all over the place. Matilda loves to draw & paint so I try and set something creative up for her to do whilst he sleeps. We both sit at the dining table or get a great big messy mat out on the floor. If she’s happy to get on with it, I’ll work for a while. Packing orders, preparing products or drawing. Usually, just as I get started Theo wakes up.
3.00-5.00pm- Milk for the boy, snacks for the girl. Depending on the weather we’ll head out to the park, or catch up with some friends. Unless it’s been a particularly calm day, we’ll go to someone else’s house as ours is usually in too much of a crazy mess to have them come to us!!
5.00-6.00pm- Dinner for the little ones. Tom arrives home at some point during this, and I hand them over to him for at least a few minutes. Even if it’s only so that I can have a cup of tea whilst it’s still hot!
6.00-7.30pm ish- Getting the kids to bed. Tom takes Matilda up for stories & snuggles, and I give Theo his milk downstairs. He usually snuggles to sleep on my knee. Because they share a room, if they both go to bed at the same time it is impossible – they keep each other awake. One day we will have a big enough house for them to have a room each. Wishful thinking!
7.30-10.30pm- Once they are asleep, Tom cooks dinner, whilst I wash bottles & tidy up. And then settle down to each do our own work. Tom usually writes, whilst I pack products, draw, prepare products for my shop, or write blog posts. I usually try to cram too much in and disappoint myself when I don’t finish my list. We cosy up on the sofa whilst we work, with wine or hot drinks, sometimes with a fire going, and usually a film or an episode of House on the TV. It’s pretty nice.
10.30-11.30pm- At some point around now we’ll decide that we’re too tired to work any more, and head to bed. If I’ve got deadlines, I’ll keep working. Sometimes until 3-4am if it’s crazy busy. And often the minute my head hits the pillow - Theo wakes up. Sigh! I’ll get sleep when they’re older right?!
And then it starts all over again!!
For more information as to why I started Mummy Monday please click here. And if you would like to take part send me a message :)


Jessie May said...

It's been really interesting to read about Laura's day, I've been following her blog for quite a while and love Clara! Now I can read your blog too :)

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hi Jessie! Great to meet you. I'm so pleased you like the post. Hope to see you again soon :)