Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Painting 3

So here is painting 3 of my 30 painting project. I really experimented with this one! I built up quite a few layers & used lots of mediums- acrylic paint, pencils, pastels, patterned paper, doilies, book paper and I also scratched into the piece using a blunt pencil. When it was finished, I sealed the painting with a matt medium but then added a gloss medium to the rain drops to make them shine & shimmer :-)

Tip: For anyone just starting out in mixed media my advice would be not use a stretched canvas frame if you want to use collage. This was the first time I tried it & it really does make life harder. Reason being you don't have a hard flat surface when sticking, so ironing out bubbles & creases in your collage paper is super tricky. On the other hand you may like the thought of adding texture with bubbles & creases so then it's not a problem.

I titled this painting 'Mr. Fox's Dream Tree' & it was inspired by a fox that would visit my parents garden everyday. He was such a joy to watch, he looked like a wise fox & I pretended he was guardian of our trees. I hope you like it.

The original is available to buy here.

Art prints are available to buy here.

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Pauline Perry said...

I have just discovered your work and I love it. Love your little figures and your colour palette.

perry94022 at hotmail dot com