Wednesday, April 9, 2014

29 ways to stay creative

I recently found this wonderful poster by Edhall & I've been looking back on it this week as I try to create a schedule that works for me, to try & create more balance in my life instead of feeling like I'm constantly on a hamster wheel! This of course is a tricky one & I think I'm on version 4 of that schedule already! Any tips would be much appreciated!

I've been working on a few projects & I've also been dedicating more time to just sketching. I normally draw straight onto the computer with my Wacom tablet but it's been so great to get back to where it all started for me & draw again- I know! With a pencil & everything! Hee hee. It's so weird to think how long its been since I picked up a pencil & just sketched. I even found my old tin of pencils from uni. they must be nearly 20 years old now but I knew I'd want them again someday : -)

Here are some peeks into what I've been up to.

Love & Light

P.S In case you missed it, do click here for my latest interview with artist Becky Blair who also offers some great advice for all creatives.

Doodling away on what turned out to be a surprised lion

Cute monster sketches! I think this will definitely be turned into a design of some sort

 Easter design in the making


Pocketful of Patterns said...

I know this feeling only too well...! Good luck x

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

Thank you Pocketful of Patterns! I'll never get it perfect but hopefully it will help :)