Thursday, April 24, 2014

Worrying doesn't change anything......

It's soooooo, so easy to become tangled up in various problems big & small & to spend all of your waking hours worrying- then of course you can't sleep & worry through the night also. Recently when somethings been troubling me (and there have been a few in the last couple of weeks) I've been trying to practice the question 'Will it change the outcome if I worry?' the answer is always 'no' of course & so I've been trying to surrender to the situation. This for me is a weird thing to do, I'm a professional worrier. When I try & practice it, it feels like if I don't worry then I don't care about the situation or I'm being too blasé when I should be concerned. Anyone else get this? I've clearly conditioned myself to worry! Amazingly then, that I have actually been fairly successful in letting go & this has been such a relief! I have been able to get on with 'normal' life & ENJOY it & I've been sleeping normally too. The situation is still the same but it's out of my control & I'd rather live in peace with a problem than to live in worry.

Wishing everyone a peaceful, worry free weekend : -)

Love & light
Em xo

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