Thursday, May 1, 2014

Painting Girls.....

I think I've mentioned before that I've been taking a few courses in order to learn more techniques to help with my painting. Danielle Daniel's course Her Story gave me some pretty cool sketching exercises to do- one where we had to draw with our non-dominant hand & set a timer of 2 mins for each sketch. This was a challenge as I like to keep things neat!!! But boy, was this a great way to loosen up as you really have no choice in the matter. Here's one of my sketches below. Speed + non-dominant hand = this:

I've also recently taken a few of Mindy Lacefield's courses, one specifically aimed at getting back to basics & loosening up. You can see by my paintings below that some look more primitive than others as I start to let go & loosen up. My goal for myself is to do the complete opposite of what I'm used to! I hope that this process will allow me to become a better artist. I'm not sure what style I will end up settling on but I'm really enjoying the process & all the experimentation! 

Painting number 25

Painting number 26

Painting number 27

Painting number 28

Wooohoooo! Only 2 more paintings to go & I've finished my 30 painting challenge! I hope you like my girls & I wish you all a wondeful weekend.

Love & light
Emma x

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