Wednesday, May 7, 2014

To quote Ronald Dahl......Think Good Thoughts

I LOVE this quote & I do believe it's true. Why is it that we are really drawn to certain people? That we want to know more about them & spend more time with them? It's almost like they are a people magnet! I think that it's because whatever they are feeling on the inside reflects out onto those around them & that's what attracts us to them. We want to know their secret. We want to breath in some of their energy as it gives us a boost too. We want to feel happy on the inside too.

We need to think good thoughts too.

 Happy aliens! A new design I'm working on.

 Sleeping baby design snippets

Painting number 29. Lots of experimenting going on here! I've used paint, tissue paper, foil, pencils, scrap book paper, paint pens & gel pens! phew! 

Hope everyone's having a great week
Love & Light

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