Monday, January 19, 2009


I was checking out Print & Pattern a few days ago (one of my favourite blogs) and a website was mentioned called Patterrific, which was created by Sabine- a graphic designer from Germany. Naturally I went and had a peek and in a nut shell it's full of truly wonderful patterns- I was ooing and arrring the whole time I was on the website! And the great news is, the patterns are available for us creatives to download! They are not for commercial use though- click here to see the terms of use. I highly recommend you having a look if you like the images I've posted above (some of my favourites).

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Jacqueline said...

Hieee there! Wow those patterns looks great! I visited the site too and your rite they have truly wonderful patters. Thanks for sharing Emma...i hope your mind map is coming along nicely. n_n Have a great day!