Thursday, January 15, 2009

Valentine Bunny

Over the last few days I managed to find some time to create this little card in time for valentines day! Each card has been entirely handmade by me which means that I did indeed have to cut out (very carefully) the heart shapes! And to add a little bit of sparkle, each card is decorated with three tiny Swarovski flatback rhinestones. My card is now for sale in my DaWanda shop and there are only 20 available. I really hope you like it!

And in true Creative Thursday fashion, Phil and I have decided that this evening we are going to paint some pictures! Now I'm a little bit concerned about this because I haven't painted for a few years and like most creatives (or maybe it's just me!) I want to immediately be able to paint something I will be proud of! And I've realised that this worry or fear has actually been stopping me from doing something I used to love to do! Recently however, I discovered the perfect mantra for myself (and the perfect book) in Steven Pressfield's  The War of Art . Every time I start to procrastinate this is what I say to myself...................

"Nothing else matters except sitting down everyday and trying."

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Jacqueline said...

Emma, that is such a cute sweet valentine card! Love the design and love the idea that it is handmade from head to bottom!! Oh i read and love that book too The war of art! Have fun painting with Phil! Happy day!
Oh and thank you so much for that sweet loving encouragement on my blue day! You made me smile! *hugz*