Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Over the past few weeks I've been trying to come up with a way to find a bit more balance between all the areas of my working life and my private life and to be honest I haven't had much success! As soon as you think you are on top of it all another ten things come up and you are back where you started! Now I'm certainly not trying to sound negative about this- I LOVE my new life working as a freelancer and selling my art but when I'm reading the various blogs I like to follow I often ask myself "how do they do it all and maintain some sort of balance in their lives?" Then, as if by magic I pretty much got my answer on Erins blog and that is.........there is no answer (which was really comforting to hear actually)! I think you just have to try and figure out how to fit what's important to you into your weekly routine and perhaps go as far as writing a weekly schedule to fit in some "time off". Here are the two great videos I watched created by Erin- click here and here to see them. I hope you enjoy them and find them as helpful as I did :)

P.S I have another Chiff Chaff print to show you soon and Sweeheart's back in a new a print also. Bye for now :)


Jacqueline said...

Emma, im always trying to find a balance too but always end up finding no balance. This post is soo comforting and thank you so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to you and yours!~

this chicken said...

How funny that we posted pretty much the same thing within 2 days of each other!

I can't agree with you enough here. It has been something on my mind for a while. I think last week came the pinnacle though when Paul and I were at tethers with each other because we were both doing too much and getting too stressed. Then we stopped and talked and decided that we needed to change things.

I hope you get some balance back into your life and that you are both having more enjoyable times together even just a week later! x