Friday, March 6, 2009

Six cupcakes & a bunny!

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted for a while- I was planning on writing a few posts this week and then I got trapped under a huge To-Do-List which kept getting bigger not smaller! Thank you so much to everyone who's entered my Giveaway so far and left such lovely comments- it means an awful lot to me :)
I'm about to list a new print in my shops- yes shops plural! You may have noticed already (as the link to it is on the right hand side panel) but this week I opened my Etsy shop. It'll be very interesting to see which of my shops does better. Anyway I really hope you like the print- as mentioned before this is part of range that I've been working on inspired by a white rabbit I know called Sweetheart so you'll be seeing a bit more of Sweetheart next week. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Emma Loves Stitching said...

Oh my goodness, sooooooo cute, love the cupcakes and bunnie!

Have a good weekend! :)

Jacqueline said...

Emma, im sooo excited about you opening a shop on etsy. I've hearted your lovely shop and will be dropping in from time to time! I love this cupcakes and bunny!! SOoooo cute!
I know what you mean with the to-do-list getting bigger! Mine is just about the same..expending longer and longer!
Have a lovely merry happy weekend and lots of love to you!

Anonymous said...

Love your Gorgeous, Colourful Blog.
xx Sumea