Friday, April 3, 2009

Found Art Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I participated a few weeks ago in Cathy's "Found Art" project- click here and then here for more info. Cathy is an amazing artist and someone I really admire so I was delighted to join in her project. Below is my "Found Art" project of the week. It started off as a very simple painting with just Sweetheart on a textured background but recently I felt like it needed something added to it so I started cutting and pasting and this is the result! This print is now available in my Etsy shop.

Something rather exciting also happened recently- I won an award for my blog! Joy :) Thank you to Mandy for giving me this award.

I would like to pass this award onto....................
Skipping In The Meadow

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and if you are new to my blog and fancy taking a gander at the post below you are welcome to enter my Giveaway.
Have a good weekend!


Jacqueline said...

Awww Emma! Thank you sooo much for the blog love! *hugz tight* I love your blog too! Ohh and that painting is soo beautiful and cute! I too adore Cathy and her art work. :) Love her "found art" too. Have a lovely merry happy weekend! Lots of love to you!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much (((((Emma)))))
I Love your new painting of
Sweetheart in an April shower
it's Beuuuuuutiful
Thankyou for your lovely messages lately too, they have meant so much to me

melissa moss said...

Thank you SO much for including me in this. I am honored I heart your blog too and the new painting is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for your message on my blog xx I saw your gorgeous house rabbits that look thoroughly spoilt! Your art work is fantastic x love Paula x

/// said...

oh you are so sweet--- i love my award! thank you!!!

Emma Loves Stitching said...

Thank you very much Emma, you don't know how much I appreciate the comments I receive and I love your blog too!!

Love the new print, you know me love textures and layering, if you e-mail me a bit later with your address I've got a little bunny that needs a home for easter!!
Thanks again
Emma :)

Cathy Nichols Art said...

Awwww... thank you, Emma, for adding me to your list of awards recipients. I adore having your work in Found Art Friday! xox

Louisa said...

Cute bunny! I love bunnies, I just posted some of my own bunny photos on my blog. We should have a bunny get-together, hehe.

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

oh Emma!!! thank you so much!!!! I'm honored too :) and a hearty congratulations on your painting sale. I loved getting your email with the great news!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Emma
Are there any rules with this award? is there anything I have to do or a set number of people I'm supposed to pass it on to?
I keep popping back to look at your work, it's so wonderful! so lovely! You are definitely one of my favourite Artists
Hope you have a fabulous week

Anonymous said...

Thank you Emma
I will certainly let others know about you, it would be a crime not to, they would be missing so much loveliness.
Hope you have a wonderful week.

Danita said...

Thanks a lot for the award! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog :)