Friday, April 17, 2009


The title for this weeks Found Art project was "Shout". This was a real challenge for me because I just couldn't think of an image to paint in my normal style. So I decided to try and paint what it feels like to have anger welling up inside you- knowing that any second you are are going to see red and start shouting! Ha, ha- not exactly a cheery post for a Friday is it? I did enjoy the challenge though, I always love being pulled out of my comfort zone to see what I come up with!
Anyway I hope you all have lovely weekends (with no shouting involved- unless of course it's of the good kind) :) 


Jacqueline said...

I love this painting! Loving the colors lots!! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Emma Loves Stitching said...

Hey Emma,
The sun's shining her, like the painting always good to come out of the comfort zone sometimes!
Great day shopping, lots of alcohol last night, thank god for plink plink fizzzzz!!

Have a great weekend!
Emma :)

Melissa said...

Love the colors and texture. You should do more like this. By the way, Mother's Day over here is May 10th. You should definitely put your stuff back up.

Anonymous said...

I like it
It's vibrant :o)
it is lovely to have all this wonderful sunshine (your pic looks like the sun).
I've been meaning to ask -how do I go about ordering a custom card from you? I would like one for my little niece.
Glad to see your experimental side :o)

Magaly Ohika said...

I love this piece. I feel like I'm going into another dimension. Beautiful. I welcome you to stop by itsy bitsy.