Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drawings From France

Hello all! Once again I'm sorry to say, I have been attacked by the nasty To-Do-List monster! It's gone a bit crazy around here so I don't think I will be back blogging again until Friday :( But before I love you and leave you I thought I would share one of my characters that I drew whilst in France. I haven't thought of a name yet for this little fellow but I think he's a sweetie and I really enjoyed using my water colour inks again. You guys are the first to see this ACEO original, so if you have taken a liking to this little rabbit and want to give him a home send me an email and I won't list him in my shop :)
Have a great week everyone and I'll see you Friday.


jacqueline said...

Emma! That bunny is sooo adorable! I love love love! I hope your able to squeeze in rest inbetween your busy schedule! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

Charlotte Evans, Cottontails said...

Hi Emma,

Un lapin!

He is lovely...

Like the phrase the To-Do-List monster - yes he is after me a lot of the time too. I've banished him this week though. Taking a break after all the website work - still working but just not letting myself worry about all the little things for a few days. It's nice. It's why I have time to be on here :-)

Lots of love


Liason said...

such sweetness. ....and you totally just reminded me of one thing i forgot to put on today's monster list. STUDY MY FRENCH. i love the language so much, just need to keep going at it!

elisa said...

Oh I don't like that pesky to-do-list! It's always too long and the days are always too short. Please remember to give yourself breaks!

The bunny is just too cute! He looks like a little french guy with his striped shirt. He needs a good French title - Un Lapin (as Charlotte said) or even Un Fleur.

Little Brown Rabbit said...

thank you all for your lovely comments :)
I like Un Lapin Charlotte!

Little Brown Rabbit said...

oh and Un Fleur is sweet too or how about Petit Fleur?
May be too cutesy. How about a really French name like Claude?

goldenbird said...

What a cute little bunny!

Dyan said...

Awww, so much cuteness, I have a soft spot for rabbits you know!