Friday, July 24, 2009

An Experience To Remember (Part 1)

Ok where do I start? As I have so much to tell you about and lots of people I want you to meet! I think I'll start by sharing what it felt like for me to finally fulfill a life long ambition & exhibit at a trade fair. Let's just say I was totally unprepared for the emotional roller coaster ride I ended up on for the first two days! It probably didn't help that I had only had 3.5hrs sleep on the Friday night but here's what I felt: excitement, fear, happiness, trepidation, pride, vulnerability, anticipation, anxiousness, lack of confidence, positivity, sadness, confidence, fulfillment........I could go on- basically every emotion you could have felt, I felt it all in the space of a day! Phil asked me how I felt after the first day and I literally couldn't answer because I didn't know!  At the end of it all though it was an extremely positive experience. Getting orders, contacts and lots of positive feedback has boosted my confidence immensely - I feel like a true professional now! I'm already looking forward to the next show and this time I won't feel like a rabbit in headlights!
The atmosphere between the exhibitors was amazing- everyone was incredibly friendly, offering support and advice which made the experience for me so much more of a positive one. I met two very talented, lovely ladies who I've been following on Twitter. Karen from Blueberry Park and Manda from Tree Fall Design, it was so great to meet them in person. 

I met the wonderful & very talented Kate from Sunlight On Closed Lids (whose work I've been a fan of for ages) and she was so, so lovely to me- offering advice and support. Thank you so much Kate!

I also want to introduce you to Kathryn Ferrier whose work is beautiful- it was great to meet you Kathryn! And lastly (for today) the talented Yasmin from YTR Design, lovely to see you again Yasmin! 

Ok so I think I'll leave it there for today, but I'll be back Monday for you to meet my (stand) neighbours in Part 2!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Joni said...

Hi Emma,
It all looks amazing - well done you......I am so so pleased for you.....enjoy your dinner out and relax this weekend if you can!

Shabby Chick said...

Your stall looked great! Sounds like a huge experience of all kinds! I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you fancy entering :)

Mel xxx

PS word verfication today is undisco!

Blueberry Park said...

It was so great to meet you there too and glad it was such a positive experience. Your work is so lovely and it's quite right that you should have the success you did. Can't wait to meet up at the next one! Karen x

noelle said...

sounds great, really pleased for you. well done!

Lorna said...

Glad to hear it went well and congrats on what sounds like a successful first fair.