Monday, July 27, 2009

An Experience To Remember (Part 2)

Hello! Hope everyone had lovely weekends?
Today I wanted to introduce you to some lovely (very talented) people that were either my neighbours at the show or down the same aisle as me. Again I was blown away by how friendly and supportive everyone was :) & how talented they all are- you just couldn't leave the show feeling uninspired! 

I met Chris Ceaser from Chris Ceaser photography whose photographs were amazing.The lovely Laura from Laura Sherratt Designs, click here to see her work. Mary from A Made Hand whose work was stunning. Mary was one of the first people who said hello to me just as the show opened & seemed to know exactly how I was feeling- it was such a relief to hear that she had also felt the same at her first show- thank you Mary for being so supportive!

Next door on my right was Elspeth from Elspeth Thompson. Elspeth's cards are beautiful, they are all designed, embroidered and entirely handmade by her (I couldn't leave the show without making a purchase!). I was so lucky to have had Elspeth & her husband next to me at the show, they were two of the loveliest people you could meet who gave me so much advice & even gave me a bottle of glitter glue to try out on my cards! So a BIG thank you to them :) You can buy Elspeth's cards directly from her website.

I really enjoyed meeting the people from Stuck 4 Words & Tracey Russell, who were again so helpful and friendly.

Finally I want you to meet my new friend Hazel from Hazel Bee. Hazel was opposite me at the show & I never had a dull moment because her cards are absolutely hilarious! (I had take a few home with me). Like myself, being as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible is extremely important to Hazel so all her cards are printed on recycled pulp card, her envelopes are also recycled and the cards come in 100% biodegradable cellophane bags. She is one very cool lady and again so friendly and gave me lots of excellent advice (she's also an amazing knitter!). You can buy Hazel's cards direct from her website and you can also follow her on Twitter

Ok so that's it for today- phew! I had a lot to show you didn't I? Sorry some of the photos aren't great quality but the lighting in our room wasn't great for photo taking. Hope you enjoyed meeting some of my new friends though!
Will be back soon :)


jacqueline said...

Emma, i missed you while i was away! I'm having soo much fun catching up on your blog! Oh congratz on your first show...i know its a little late but im happy it went so well and you met so many new friends along the way! Have a lovely merry happy week ahead and love to you!

Cookie Cutter said...

I like the Hazel Bee cards too! They are cute! Welcome back and I look forward to reading more on what you have to share.

Shabby Chick said...

Wow, love all the cards and things, bet you're so glad you did it!

Mel xxx