Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello From Harrogate!

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I disappeared for a few days but I was frantically busy getting everything finished for the show. I only got 3.5hrs sleep on Friday night! So here I am in Harrogate (feeling like I have jet lag) but it's been great fun so far and I've already learnt lots from other sellers with stalls near to me, who have all been so friendly and supportive :)
My show finishes on Wednesday so I'll be back blogging again on Thursday (unless I can get on the internet again sooner).
Hope everyone has a good week and I'll see you all very soon :)


noelle said...

Hoping its all going well. Good luck x

Municipal Cupcake said...

Hope you enjoyed Harrogate and it went well at the show. I actually LIVE here! Just embarking on six weeks of looking after my two kids over the "holidays". Your work is great! Have a lovely summer.