Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Paintings

So I've been slowly working my way through Danielle Daniel's Her Story e-course. Considering it started last September it's taking me a while to complete! Lol! I'll get there, never enough time in the day is my mantra- I need to fix that- perhaps a sabbatical? (unpaid) Then I can just paint, paint paint!

Anyway the course has been so much fun & Danielle really makes me laugh, she's does have a way with words- I can see why she loves to write as well as paint.

Here are the new paintings in progress, I only meant to start with one but now have four on the go, it was just too much fun, you could hear me squealing (with joy) as I created the backgrounds!

I have also finished painting 22 & 23- now available to buy in my Etsy shop.

Painting 22
Titled 'Happy Being Me'
Available to buy here

Painting 23
Titled 'I'm Home'
Available to buy here

I've named this creature Bob. Bob can change colour whenever he feels like it. He thinks today is a lilac sort of day............

Have lovely weekend folks!

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