Thursday, March 13, 2014

No sleep, snippets & an art fair

Hello. How's you?

It's been a rather hard week for me in the fact that I've had little sleep due to my daughter having a nasty cough & cold- which I have now caught as well. She hasn't wanted to eat either, so she's hungry & very tired- not a good combination : ( As you can imagine, this has resulted in me not getting any work done at all. I think today we are out of the woods as she's back to her normal self, so fingers crossed we'll all get some sleep tonight.

I did however get to visit the Affordable Art Fair in London last night which was very inspiring & such a treat for me. It's still on if you want to visit. My favourite artists of the night were Becky Blair, Eithne Roberts & Charlie O'Sullivan. Here's a beautiful piece I spied for any bunny lovers out there.

I have been working on a few projects & here are some snippets below.

Trying to do more Geometric style designs in bright colours

Sketching initial ideas onto my computer. LOVE this bunny!!!

Adding paint & texture

I just cannot stop drawing foxes! Perhaps the fox is one of my totem animals- I must look it up!

Have a great weekend everyone & in case you didn't see it, please do read my latest interview with artist Mique Moriuchi, trust me, she is amazing!

Love & light

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