Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Road Trip

We've just got back from a mini break to Southwold in Suffolk. I've never been before but have always heard lovely things about the place & decided it would be my birthday treat this year. Well, it lived up to its expectations : -) The beach was a delight- it just went on forever & the beach huts were so bright & cheerful, even after being weather beaten all winter. Good times were had. One thing that did hit me though, when I started to relax & switch off as it were from my 'normal' life, I realised I was/am exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep- sleep in the car- sleep on the beach- anywhere I could. It probably didn't help that I still have this awful cold but I think it's time to listen to my body & go easy this week. No late nights working & having rests throughout the day (if my daughter will let me & if she won't I will just have to use my number one magic trick- CBeebies- works everytime ; -)).

On a totally different subject, anyone reading this had a Reiki session before? I'm going to a pamper evening later on & thought I would try it out! No idea what to expect!

Be back soon with new paintings in progress.
Love & light

 We had a lighthouse at the end of our street!

 Enjoying the view from the pier

 How teeny, tiny is this house?! Look at the car next to it to give you an idea of how small it is.
Now who used to live there do you think?

Eeeek! I've lost my legs.....

 No zooming in here, this chap was this close to me. 

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