Monday, December 8, 2008

I make Thingamajigs!!

I'd like you to meet Petunia!

She was one of the first Thingamajigs I made (and as a consequence I couldn't bring myself to sell her!).

Thingamajigs like to explore and have a particular love for plants and flowers. They are born into this world for a wonderful reason- to bring friendship, happiness, smiles and laughter. They are created through someone’s imagination, but not very easily............................... you have to wish for one! If you are lucky enough to bring a Thingamajig to life you will have a friend forever as they are such loyal and happy creatures and the best thing is if you try really hard you can wish them up for your friends too!

I make Thingamajigs as commissions so if you would like to wish one to life for a friend or even for yourself send me a message. Or visit my DaWanda shop where little Peter is hoping to find a good home. Each Thingamajig comes with a his or her name card with the story above, the date they were born, their favourite game and favourite food.

I'll have more Thingamajigs to show you tomorrow :-)

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