Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meet My Bunnies!!

Introducing my two little houserabbits- George (the grey fluffy one) and Millie!

I ADORE rabbits and everything to do with them! But before you start to worry- no my house isn't over run by bunny ornaments and other rabbit paraphernalia....................................yet. Just kidding ;-)

One thing I do get asked a lot though is how come they live in the house. Basically before I adopted my rabbits I did some research and visited a few rabbit rescues and found out that houserabbits display more natural behavior patterns than hutch-kept rabbits and are as easy to train as cats and dogs. Plus I personally would much rather they lived in the house so that I can spend as much time with them as possible. If anyone is intrigued and would like more info. you can visit the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund or click here to read a houserabbit leaflet. Or if you like your welcome to ask me anything- honestly, I could stay up all night talking about rabbits :-)

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boltandfrolic said...

Your babies are so adorable! I have 2 rescue bunnies too, Honey and Hudson. Here's a pic of them:

Rabbits Rule!!