Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can Spring really be here?

It's been sunny here all this week and I'm starting to believe that Spring may well be here- or at least on it's way!! I've tried to make the most of it and been out and about as much as I can.

It's been another busy week of getting orders out, putting Mother's day & Easter items in my shop, ordering supplies and getting up to date with my paperwork. Finally today I can get on with some designing- hooray!

The image above was created for a gift bag and just in case you thought it was odd that I used grey in my design, that indicates silver foil stamping- hard to imagine but there's nothing like a bit of silver foil to bring a design to life!

I'm not sure if I'll be back tomorrow as Phil and I may be visiting a wedding fair, so if I'm not have a great weekend everyone! :)


Heidi said...

Lovely design. I can really imagine it with the silver foil.

... and yes Spring is definately on its way, so wonderful :-)

noelle said...

Really pretty design Emma. ooh a wedding fair, how are the plans coming along i wonder! x x

linda said...

Oh wow, how pretty...and silver! I do hope Spring is on it's way, I'm totally over all the gloomy weather indeed.

Cookie Cutter said...

Love the pink and how it instantly makes me think of spring :)

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Such a beautiful fresh design, but then we wouldn't expect anything less from you. And foiling too, how luxurious. A definite winner if ever these was one.

Luv Dee xxx

The Fashion Bloggess said...

another great post! i just love your blog! such an inspiration! definitely bookmarking you. hope you can stop by mine sometime :)


Melanie M said...

Isn't Spring such a happy time? :)

I'm still waiting for the sun to emerge here in Los Angeles!

Follow please? <3

Alexandra Mason said...

Hope you had a great weekend xx

Anonymous said...

it's very pretty, i can image it looking quite magical with the silver foil.
soon as my piggy bank is a bit fatter i'm going to visit your lovely shop again... am so looking forward to that :o)