Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy Bee

Hello! Thank you so much to everyone who has voted for me so far- I'm actually quite excited now as I think I'm currently third in my section! :D The winner is announced at the end of the month so if you would like to vote for me you still can- please click here
So last week I had a bit of a panic about how much work I still have to do for my first ever trade fair in July. I need to design at least 50 cards and in 10 months I've only managed to design 20 cards! How is that possible you ask? Well my freelance work has had to take priority because of the deadlines and the fact that it's paid work. That and my Etsy shop and agency work has been pushing the trade fair work to the bottom of the pile. So I decided to take last week off (from the freelance work that is) and I've been told that this week should be freelance free also, so I'm going to get my head down and design, design, design! Hope I'm not boring you all with this but I wanted to explain why I haven't shown you any new work recently and why I probably won't be able to this week either. I am just going to be so relieved when I feel like I'm on top of the situation and that won't be until I reach card number 40! However I promise to share lots of lovely things with you this week- wonderful discoveries that I come across when researching for my next design. Today I found these beautiful cake stands by a company called Let Them Eat Cake and I desperately want one- I adore the vintage mix and match look. Hope you like them too :)

Bye, bye for now.


Jacqueline said...

Emma, your sooo busy! Hope you get some balance and rest in between. :) Oh yay third in the section sounds really exciting! Good luck with the trade fair, etsy update and agency work! Those are really lovely cake stands! I heart the first one and im off to check it out. :) Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful merry happy day! Love to you!

Anonymous said...

I love the cake stands! they are really delightful.
I have voted for my favourite bunny too :o)
Good luck!
Sounds like you have lots of exciting, work projects and events coming up. You are such a wonderful creative artist, Your work is really gorgeous. I think you'll Wow them all.
Enjoy today's sunshine.

Shabby Chick said...

Ooh yes I like those cakestands very much!

Best of luck with the cards, I have every faith in you.

I voted for your blog by the way :)

Mel xxx

Claire said...

These are such pretty cake/dessert stands! The best of luck with all your projects!