Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little Fox Print

Morning all! This little print is over in my shop if you are interested in taking a look :)

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today as I woke up with a swollen, itchy eye and face :( :( :( It must be an allergic reaction to something but I haven't used anything new on my face. I'm off to the doctors later on today which is something I really don't enjoy doing- all those germs floating about the place. But enough of the misery- on a brighter note I finished card number 37 yesterday! If I can reach 40 this week I'll be really pleased.

Have a good day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Awww hope you are feeling better soon.Loving your cards they just get better and better x

Mika said...

Love your print, and hope you feel better right now. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

goldenbird said...

The Little Fox Print is so cute. I love how it looks framed (in the previous post). Hmmm, I just thought of the perfect place to hang it.

The Little Fox said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!!

And hoorays for that lovely print!!!

JennyTheArtist said...

this fox is simply perfect! My seasonal allergies have been driving me nuts lately, too!

Lauraa said...

your prints are so cute and i love the little fox print.
i hope you feel better soon xx

melissa moss said...

Love this little guy! I'm suffering from allergies too. Our front porch is covered with yellow pollen! Hope you feel better soon.

goldenbird said...

Hi again, Emma. Just wanted to let you know I gave you an award today on my blog.


Charlotte Evans said...

Dear Em,
Hello! Sorry I've been rubbish at replying, am a bit snowed under. Just reading down your last few posts and guess what caught my eye..? Why, it was George of course, selecting giveaway winners and having a snooze - oh he is adorable! Yes, gotta love those front paws.
This time next week the shop will be shut, I'll be working from home, and Humphrey will be much more involved in the business - hopping around in my office all day. Hurrah!!
Lots of love
ps Love the fox!

Charlotte Evans, Cottontails said...

pps Hmmmm... think I had signed in funnily so the above comment is from me, Charlotte at Cottontails - in case of confusion. Changed my email addresses last week (spam probs) and it's a nightmare!