Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Julie Arkell

Yesterday whilst on the internet, I stumbled across this lady by accident, but she has been one of my favourite artists for years! I adore everything about her work- the quirkiness, colours and materials. I would love to go to one of her workshops so I must look into that. Unfortunately I couldn't find a website to show you but you can buy her book here which I have and cherish and I also found a wonderful blog called Lovely Textiles that has a great post on Julie. You can also click here to see some more of her work.

I've got quite a few things to do today- one is to do a painting for my friend Cat for her Birthday (which I hope to show you tomorrow) and the other is to start card number 34! 

Have a good day everyone :)


Doolallysally said...

I'm a Julie Arkell fan too and love her book. She runs courses in France with Les soeurs anglaises but they're too pricey for me. When you say you ran into her did you meet her? Salx

Shabby Chick said...

Card 34?! You're doing well! Thanks for showing us Julie Arkell's work, I've not seen it before but I love it :)

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

Oooh thank you so much for introcucing me to the fabulous Julie Arkell :o)
I've put the award you gave me up on my blog, you can now go and collect one yourself :o)
Many thanks and lots of love

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hi Sal- yes I can see how it could be read like that so I've changed my post! Sorry about that! Unfortunately no I didn't meet her in person but wouldn't that of been great! Thanks for letting me know about the courses in France I will have look and see if I can save up for one-either that or I'll fall off my chair at the prices! :)

Doolallysally said...

Ahh shame! I was soooo excited for a minute! Anyway, if you're interested her courses in France are here:

They are from £750.
She used to do workshops in Loop in Islington but I think she's stopped now! Let me know if you go, I'll be soooo jealous! With love Salx

Anonymous said...

I have copied and pasted the comment my little niece just posted on my blog and bought it over to you.
Hi Auntie thankyou for my lovely birthday card littlebrownrabbit made i love it so much i am going to keep it forever i asked mummy to take a picture and put it on her bloggy love littlemissmouse age 7 xxxx

x Thankyou so much Emma x

Angelico said...

Have you seen the photos of the Studio of Julie? :) There is a lot of little thing on the shelves. Incredible. ;)

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hi Angelico!
Yes I have seen them- isn't her studio wonderful! I can only dream of having a studio like that!

Jacqueline said...

Oh wow her work is soo gorgerous and cute! Thank you thank you for sharing this with us!! Would be so much fun to attend her workshop! Have a lovely merry happy day and i look forward to see your painting for your friend! Love to you!