Friday, April 22, 2011

I've been working

Hi all! I'm back for good (I'm writing this whilst trying to keep my fingers crossed) but my internet connection is back up and running, my kitchen is back up and running and I've just recovered from the worst cold I've ever had, so all is finally well again in Emma Land :)

Also I've been working on a freelance project. It was an unusual brief as I was asked to design a range of asian greetings cards. It was SO great to be designing again and I really enjoyed the project because (as requested) all the designs had to be bright and fresh which suits my style of working perfectly. Hope you like them.

It's the Easter Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and the weather is still absolutely amazing so let's hope it stays that way! Fingers crossed it also stays good for THE WEDDING that is fast approaching too!!!

Happy Easter everyone! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


We have internet connection, we don't have connection, we have internet connection, we don't have connection. That's pretty much been the story my end and why I haven't been able to blog recently. Sooooooooo frustrating! Plus when I have managed to connect it's been nearly impossible to upload any images, I only managed to get this one uploaded after numerous attempts :(

So what's been happening my end then? Well finally our kitchen is nearly up and running again, I've been sketching some new ideas I have for paintings, nearly found my wedding dress, nearly sorted out the hen do, cake, flowers and table decorations- phew! Been busy, busy busy!

Sorry this is such a sort post but I wanted to give you a quick update before I lose connection again!

I'll leave you with this pic I took one beautiful evening whilst out on a walk with Bubba recently :) we've had some amazing weather for this time of year for the UK, feels like summer!

Hope to be back really soon