Friday, July 31, 2009

Where's Rabbit Today?

Hello. Thank you so, so much for all the lovely well wishes left on my previous post- I'm very pleased (and relieved) to say that Millie is now on the mend too. I've literally just got off the phone to the vets who said I can hopefully pick "the kids" up this evening :D The house feels so empty without them- I keep bounding downstairs to go and see them, forgetting that they're not there. Can't wait to get them home.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll leave you with a sweet design that I created for the Where's Rabbit? range. Hope you like it! x

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where's Oliver Rabbit?

Why he's helping wrap presents of course!

Today I thought I would show you a new card design which I created for the trade fair. Mr.O. is off on his adventures again!
I have lots of new designs to show you, which I will try to do in the coming days. All my designs will eventually be on sale in my Etsy shop but if anyone would like to get their hands on one that I haven't yet listed in my shop, you are more than welcome to contact me :)
Hope everyone is having a good week, mines been an up and down one unfortunately- I now have two poorly bunnies :(
Millie's tooth infection just won't heal and poor George had to be rushed to the vets last night with tummy problems (thank goodness I have a 24hr vet near me). But I'm trying to stay positive as he's on the mend and hopefully Millies's infection will heal in time- she's 8 years old so she's an old lady but she's a tough little thing so I'm keeping my fingers & toes crossed.
See you all soon :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

An Experience To Remember (Part 2)

Hello! Hope everyone had lovely weekends?
Today I wanted to introduce you to some lovely (very talented) people that were either my neighbours at the show or down the same aisle as me. Again I was blown away by how friendly and supportive everyone was :) & how talented they all are- you just couldn't leave the show feeling uninspired! 

I met Chris Ceaser from Chris Ceaser photography whose photographs were amazing.The lovely Laura from Laura Sherratt Designs, click here to see her work. Mary from A Made Hand whose work was stunning. Mary was one of the first people who said hello to me just as the show opened & seemed to know exactly how I was feeling- it was such a relief to hear that she had also felt the same at her first show- thank you Mary for being so supportive!

Next door on my right was Elspeth from Elspeth Thompson. Elspeth's cards are beautiful, they are all designed, embroidered and entirely handmade by her (I couldn't leave the show without making a purchase!). I was so lucky to have had Elspeth & her husband next to me at the show, they were two of the loveliest people you could meet who gave me so much advice & even gave me a bottle of glitter glue to try out on my cards! So a BIG thank you to them :) You can buy Elspeth's cards directly from her website.

I really enjoyed meeting the people from Stuck 4 Words & Tracey Russell, who were again so helpful and friendly.

Finally I want you to meet my new friend Hazel from Hazel Bee. Hazel was opposite me at the show & I never had a dull moment because her cards are absolutely hilarious! (I had take a few home with me). Like myself, being as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible is extremely important to Hazel so all her cards are printed on recycled pulp card, her envelopes are also recycled and the cards come in 100% biodegradable cellophane bags. She is one very cool lady and again so friendly and gave me lots of excellent advice (she's also an amazing knitter!). You can buy Hazel's cards direct from her website and you can also follow her on Twitter

Ok so that's it for today- phew! I had a lot to show you didn't I? Sorry some of the photos aren't great quality but the lighting in our room wasn't great for photo taking. Hope you enjoyed meeting some of my new friends though!
Will be back soon :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

An Experience To Remember (Part 1)

Ok where do I start? As I have so much to tell you about and lots of people I want you to meet! I think I'll start by sharing what it felt like for me to finally fulfill a life long ambition & exhibit at a trade fair. Let's just say I was totally unprepared for the emotional roller coaster ride I ended up on for the first two days! It probably didn't help that I had only had 3.5hrs sleep on the Friday night but here's what I felt: excitement, fear, happiness, trepidation, pride, vulnerability, anticipation, anxiousness, lack of confidence, positivity, sadness, confidence, fulfillment........I could go on- basically every emotion you could have felt, I felt it all in the space of a day! Phil asked me how I felt after the first day and I literally couldn't answer because I didn't know!  At the end of it all though it was an extremely positive experience. Getting orders, contacts and lots of positive feedback has boosted my confidence immensely - I feel like a true professional now! I'm already looking forward to the next show and this time I won't feel like a rabbit in headlights!
The atmosphere between the exhibitors was amazing- everyone was incredibly friendly, offering support and advice which made the experience for me so much more of a positive one. I met two very talented, lovely ladies who I've been following on Twitter. Karen from Blueberry Park and Manda from Tree Fall Design, it was so great to meet them in person. 

I met the wonderful & very talented Kate from Sunlight On Closed Lids (whose work I've been a fan of for ages) and she was so, so lovely to me- offering advice and support. Thank you so much Kate!

I also want to introduce you to Kathryn Ferrier whose work is beautiful- it was great to meet you Kathryn! And lastly (for today) the talented Yasmin from YTR Design, lovely to see you again Yasmin! 

Ok so I think I'll leave it there for today, but I'll be back Monday for you to meet my (stand) neighbours in Part 2!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back from Harrogate

Hello there! How is everyone? I'm so pleased to be home. I have missed you all and posting on my little blog- I think I am getting rather attached to it! I have soooo much to tell you and show you, which I was hoping to start today but then we had a power cut and I've only just been able to get back onto my computer :( Phil's treating me to meal out this evening to celebrate the completion of my first trade fair which I'm very pleased (and relieved) to say was a success- I think that qualifies me for having a desert with my meal wouldn't you say? :D I promise to be back tomorrow with photos of my adventure in Harrogate! Hope to see you then.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello From Harrogate!

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I disappeared for a few days but I was frantically busy getting everything finished for the show. I only got 3.5hrs sleep on Friday night! So here I am in Harrogate (feeling like I have jet lag) but it's been great fun so far and I've already learnt lots from other sellers with stalls near to me, who have all been so friendly and supportive :)
My show finishes on Wednesday so I'll be back blogging again on Thursday (unless I can get on the internet again sooner).
Hope everyone has a good week and I'll see you all very soon :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Giveaway Winner :)

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having lovely weekends?

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my Giveaway this month :) I used a random number generator this time to pick the winner and the winning number is.......(drum roll).......number 7! Variation you have won! Congratulations!

I have one week left now until my show (every time I say that my stomach does a somersault) but I'm glad to say that I'm getting there- the "to do list" is getting shorter! I'm trying to pack as much work into this weekend as possible so next week I can concentrate on making my name banner, all my cards and framing my art prints. I did manage to stop for a break though yesterday and watched the film Napoleon Dynamite, has anyone seen it? It was brilliant, funny and very strange! I think you would either love it or hate it- I loved it!
Well back to work- see you all next week.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What A Mess!

Hi! Just thought I would show you the complete chaos that is my desk! The show is looming- I'm panicking and running around like a nutter and basically have no time to keep my studio tidy. In a way I'm quite glad to be this busy because it's stopping me from getting nervous about it all. The show starts on the 18th so for the next week and a half I may be too frantic to post regularly. I will try to get a few in here and there, but if you want to find out what I'm up to daily leading up to the show you can always follow me on Twitter, which is much easier for me to update because I can only write a sentence at a time.
Hope everyone's having a good week.
See you soon.
P.S There's only two days left to enter my Giveaway if anyone would like to :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Giveaway Friday!!

Hello all.
Its Giveaway day today!

As always this is my way of saying thank you to all you lovely people who take time out of your day to read my little blog. It's a joy having you here and your support means a lot.
If you would like to enter to win my Best Friends print all you need to do is just say hello by leaving a comment below. I'll announce the winner next Saturday evening.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, my show is looming- just two weeks away now, so I will probably be working all weekend (except for a few hours on Sunday, as there's no way I'm missing the Wimbledon final!)

See you all soon